Green Farm 3: Beginner’s guide to the game

At the beginning I have for you a short guide to the game Green Farm 3, where you will learn about some useful information. How can you make your life easier when playing the game. Dollars (Coins) in the game we get every time we finish the next level, this is usually one coin, we get after each properly executed task.

Also we can find when cleaning the area with stones or trees, but here the case is completely random. We can find something but, unfortunately, often do not find. However, it is worth trying because sometimes you can find large boxes with gifts. Then you will be happy!


Planted plants: never wither, so you do not collect them until they do not need, it helps to have the beginning of the game when our barn has a small storage capacity. In this way, they manage to save much space. I speak of this information, because many players unfortunately makes this error.

Sales Desk – a magical pink dot

pink dot gren farmThe best way to start the search lake in a lake, which is located in our farm. There are 3 modes of fishing. The first (once a day) is free, and so it can pick out the food, extra ingredient, decorations and a tree. The other two options we have to pay dollars (coins), but provide far much more valuable items. In my opinion it is worthwhile to invest in a number of 2 how to get the magical products and money  (called the pink dot)

Extra component can also get to the Super Animals. The first is the Super Taurus with Pacific Fields, and the second is the Super Stallion. We can also use the dollars to buy another such animals to produce will be needed for us to eat extra ingredients.

How to enlarge your farm in Green Farm 3?

When you start the game, we see the game map, which allows us to enlarge the farm for 12 consecutive areas. If you want to enlarge a farm we must receive special task and, of course, be complete. Expansion of farm start from lowest to highest. I also remember,, that any further update requires the development of other elements.

So much that I had to pass in this tutorial, I hope you like it and find useful information here.


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