Earth Time Lapse Mobile

Watch Live Wallpapers beautiful pictures of the earth

The new application from the Polish manufacturer Studio 3DM is a product on an international scale. I always like to support the ideas of little-known artists. Today is the entry of the Earth Time Lapse Mobile.

It is app create animated wallpaper (Live Wallpapers) It would seem that this form of display rapidly depleted our mobile device but here the producers tried for it to Members not such kind of problems.

We used an innovative solution to reduce energy consumption. The application is limited to only  30fps and works when it is visible so also reduces the ram. With this solution, the phone runs smoothly and no jams.

What  image shows the Earth Time Lapse Mobile?

Beautiful views of the earth, from the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting AROUND planet earth. This time, you can decide what countries you visit guided by its own virtual satellite.
High-quality pictures (8k) satellite, atmosphere, clouds, water reflections and other details.

Touching interesting your country, you can highlight the name to know where you are and select one of 177 countries to fly there on demand by clicking the icon on your desktop.

See how the program working.

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