cooking fever generator hack gems coins

cooking fever generator gems and coins

If you want to cook delicious dishes and desserts from around the world, this is the game for you. With a choice of 16 unique locations, from desserts and fast food Oyster Bar and Restaurant Oriental, you’ll be able to practice their skills in cooking.

It features a cook is available over a hundred ready-made components and several hundred tasty dishes. Try all possible kitchen appliances, coffee maker and cooking rice and a special oven for pizza. Delicious pizza always improve your opinion about the restaurant.

Decorate your restaurants to attract more customers. Create your own freebies, such as biscuits or muffins. Test and develop your opportunities by ensuring that the quality of customer service more personal. If the customer is satisfied, return to your restaurant.



Meet tool that allows you to save your time and money. Its operation is very simple and can handle it all.
The most important features of the presented modifications to the game cooking fever??

cocing fever mods

The most important feature of the program is to generate gems – diamonds and coins in game.

But the most important feature is your safety. Presented cheats works on both phones with android and iOS (Apple). The program is fitted with a special algorithm that masks login to the account of the game. So you do not risk you block your account. Presented mod only works on your phone. At any time you can delete the files, then everything will return to the state before the installation modifications.

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