grand warden in clash of clans

Grand Warden new character in the Clash of Clans!

This is the only hero who can die from the pledged traps. Also, as only it can be used as a character moving on the ground and the air. It holds up two valuable skills.  You can describe it as a Super Wizard. The guard can jump over walls. Most importantly – we do not need to specifically observe in him, because he always moves for our army. Therefore, it is in the form of Grand Warden great potential warrior can be a magician but it can be a medic and repair other characters.

How to get a character Grand Warden?

If you want to get this hero must some important aspects.

It is cited in our database automatically after the construction of the Great Altar of the Guardian (Grand Warden Altar). The cost of building the altar to 6 000 000 units a potion, but the construction will be possible only if City Hall will be at the 11th level. So you need a long time to play abu get that new hero.

As a member of our army, the immediate challenge is very easy to kill him. However, as a support but works very well.


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