Castlevania: Lords of Shadow the game stutters? Look Solution

Good code optimization game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow should work efficiently. However, sometimes there is a problem that the game is not working properly. The then help comes from this small but effective guide ..

All applications and programs take up available RAM, how much of the CPU. Therefore it is recommended to disable all unused programs.

Picture procesor GPUUse custom settings when you play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on the menu.
The parameters that you may want to disable or reduce on weaker graphics devices include especially anti-aliasing and quality of shadows. Consumes very much memory the graphics processor (GPU)

However, when the graphics card can not handle rendering the image, we can try to reduce the resolution of the game, eg. One step down (eg. From 1920×1080 to 1600×900), it may bring a slight blurring of the screen, but thanks to this we get more FPS

If none of the above points has not suffered a positive effect, it may be an attempt to reinstall the game will solve the problem. It often happens that the game could get lost or damaged files and thus causes various mysterious errors. Unfortunately, it is able to complicate life.

I hope that the information presented made it possible to effectively improve enjoyment of the game.


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