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Boom Beach Hack/Cheat Diamonds Gold Wood Iron & Stone Trick

Hello, today short review and hack the game Boom Beach. But for now, let’s start from the beginning. boom beach is a flagship game from the studio Supercell. Studio This is quite known on stage applications mobile and not the first time surprises us with an interesting hit on the android platform. The game is also available for iOS (Apple). As a curiosity can say that boombeach was advertised by a popular action movie actor Liam Neeson.

When you first start the game know that landed on a deserted island. In our opinion, it is to create for her life.

And then just start a tutorial that will explain everything thoroughly to us and show the basic features of the game. At the beginning we learn how to build different kinds of buildings and how to protect them.
Also includes logs you will learn how to effectively attack opponents.
So such basic functions which later will be expanded.The most important element is the map of the game. This is because the position wasgoing to improve buildings stand on the board and see how evolving our base.

The longer you play it certainly appears a problem with the availability of raw materials. It will be missing such as stone or wood. And at this point there is probably the biggest issue because we must either use expensive micropayments in the game or cheat and use a special tool boom beach hack, which is fitted in some very useful features in the game.

Boom beach is fitted in funkcvje generate needed for overthrew raw materials. So you need to build 100 pieces of stone – 400 pieces of wood. You enter the number required and the program hacked your account and add the needed materials. Of cours  this is only example, and the program is equipped with more features.

boom beach hack


  • Working in Android and Ios (Apple)
  • Files 100% clean
  • Security antiban
  • Easy instalation
  • generate and add account Iron
  • generate and add account Wood
  • generate and add account Stone
  • generate and ad account Gold
  • generate and ad account Diamond
  • and other

We do not need immediately to attack our enemies. The fact that the aim of the game is to destroy them but we first weaken enemy units by single shots from our ships. To do this, go to the department of artillery located in the lower right corner. You’ll find bullets found on our ships. To start the battle, press the button of a missile, then select the building in which you want to shoot. It’s a little trick but useful;-)


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