Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo

Rodeo Stampede Rodeo Sky Zoo Safari Money & Coins

Studio Featherweight Games, published his next project – a fun simulator Rodea Stampede Rodeo Sky Zoo Safari. During the game takes on champion rodeo, which catches and rideth animals, and the additional job is keeping and taking care of the development of our zoo. Production was released for Android and iOS (Apple)


The first thing we need to do to start the game we have to choose your hero. You can choose from several forms but each is in a cowboy hat. our aim will be to hunt animals. You have tobic is quite fast because the animals are fast and dangerous.

An interesting feature in the game Stampede Rodeo Sky Zoo Safari is that we may be born a new pet. This process will be labeled “Love” with pink hearts.
When you get a new pet, we finish the level and unlock the next level. Sometimes an animal gets angry, so far the best time to move on to another.
The further we advance this upgrade the level of play and the harder it is to get promoted to the next stage of the addition to the process of the capture of animals, you need to create your own zoo, where everyone can see the animals. The development of the zoo needed money. Today, for overthrew a very interesting tool Stampede Rodeo Sky Zoo Safari hack that will help a lot. This hacked app Stampede Rodeo Sky Zoo Safari generate unlimited money/coins for your account.

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